Tricky Miniature Electric Shock Detector Reaction Game Desktop Decompression Creative Toy

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  • 1. Product size: 14.5x6.5x14.4 cm
    2. Number of players: 1-6 people
    3. Battery model: 3 x AAA battery (product without battery)
    4. Product features: ABS material, safety voltage, suction cup base, fun game soundtrack
    5. Game mode: lucky mode, roulette mode
    Please read the warnings carefully before use!
    This is a new exotic game machine, not a toy in the traditional sense! Not suitable for children under 14 years old. The game opportunity produces a certain virtual electric shock effect, and has certain interference with electronic instruments such as cardiac pacemakers. Please have people with acute heart disease, epilepsy, etc., or those who react strongly to electric shocks.
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