3.5mm & USB Bluetooth Adapter Dongle Receiver and Transmitters for Sony PlayStation PS4

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  • Features
    1. Small and light enough you can carry it easily anywhere.
    2. It is easily connected via Bluetooth, easy pairing with for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, tablets, and computers in seconds.
    3. With 3.5mm output, gives you a feeling that surrounded by stereo music through H-3D built-in 3D surrounded effect technology.
    4. This USB adapter will connect to any Bluetooth audio device when you plug into your PS4 USB slot. It comes with a wireless microphone that will enable you to chat when you plug into the PS4 controller.
    5. Keep your old stereo or wired headphone alive with new Bluetooth wireless connection, pair with smart phone or tablet from up to 10M away, and enjoy great music cable-free.

    How To Use
    1.Turn on the PS4, insert the key into a USB ports.
    2.The LED indicator on the dongle falshes slowly first, then press the dongle button 2s, the led indicator falshes quickly, this signals pairing mode. Turn on your Bluetooth headphone and turn it to pairing mode. The Bluetooth dongle and your Bluetooth headphone will automatically pair.The LED indicator of the dongle will turn blue when connecting successfully. And the Bluetooth dongle will automatically connect to the Bluetooth headphone at next time.
    3. Insert the microphone into earphone jack of PS4 handle. Go to the PS4 UI.
    4. Select the "Devices".
    5. Select the "Audio Devices".
    6. Setting "Input Devices" from "USB Headset (USB Audio Device)".
    7. Setting "Output Device" to "USB Headset (USB Audio Device)".
    8. Adjust the volume and test microphone .
    9. Adjust Bluetooth Headphone volume .
    10. Setting "Headphone" on "All Audio.

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