3 PCS Creative Folding Puzzles Magic Cube Infinity Cube Pressure Reduction Toy(Purple Sky)

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  • Material:Plastic
    Type:Puzzle Cube
    Age Range:> 3 years old
    1. Compact design, infinite cube consist of 8 small cubes. The smaller ones are linked each other by connection mounts. You can transform it to different shapes by folding.
    2. Easy operation and flexible,this finger toys can be arbitrarily turned in any direction and angle.
    3. Infinite cube uses high-quality anodized aluminum, through the G-10 fiber link and brass needle connection, delicate and durable.
    4. Play a variety, than the traditional cube and other decompression toys more entertaining.
    5. Small size and light weight, infinite cube can be converted into a flat state, you can easily carry pants pocket to carry.
    6. Ergonomic curved shape design for hand comfort and long term usage.
    7. A good choice for killing time, helps relieve stress.
    8. Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, for children of 3-7 years old, please use under the adult supervision.
    9. Product size: 8*4*2cm
    10. Weight: 36g
    One Package Weight 0.16kgs / 0.35lb
    Qty per Carton 94lb
    Carton Weight 15kgs / 33.07lb
    Carton Size 50cm * 31cm * 36cm / 19.69inch * 12.2inch * 14.17inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 477 cartons * 94 pcs = 44838 pcs
    40HQ: 1109 cartons * 94 pcs = 104246 pcs