Baby Puzzle Toy Wooden Color Mosaic Tetris, Size: 27*18cm

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  • 1. The purpose of education: tetris is a very classic representative of toys for children, adults and the elderly intelligence, can practice the brain can try again, the developers of finger bones and muscles are good logical thinking ability and activity, at the same time it also can cultivate the spirit of learning work focus, and patience for young and old.
    2. Let the child know various colors and geometric shapes, and learn the decomposition and combination of different shapes.
    3. Pour all the blocks out of the plate and put them back in as fast as possible.
    3. Creative puzzles, using various building blocks to display various shapes.

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    Carton Size 56cm * 56cm * 18cm / 22.05inch * 22.05inch * 7.09inch
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