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  • Material:PLASTIC
    Plastic Type:ABS
    Features:Battery Operated,Sounding
    Multifunction, have many kinds voices,such as animal, music, funny voice, phone button voice, email and call voice and so on.
    Super sensitive touch screen for your baby to touch with little fingers to activate music and sounds.
    With Battery Locker to Prevent Falling Apart - No more worry about your baby randomly dropping this toy and then stop functioning.
    Super light and easy grasp for your little baby aged 6+ month to play.
    Instant Stop-crying master to comfort your crying baby.

    And it can control volume, 30-60 decibels, protect your baby's eardrum.
    Can strengthen baby practice skills and cognitive skills.
    You can adapt a leash to this cellphone toy and fasten on baby stroller, bed handle or anywhere you want to avoid losts.

    Battery: 2 x AAA(not included)
    Size: 130*75*20mm

    Package included:
    1 x Baby Musical Phone Toy

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