Catch Insects Game Toy Wooden Magnetic Funny Early Educational Developmental Game Set Toys for Kids Toddlers

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    • Theme:Animals & Nature
    • Age Range:Grownups,5-7 Years,2-4 Years,14 Years & up,8~13 Years
    • Certification:China certified (3C)
    • Warning:DO NOT EAT
    • Model Number:Party Games
    • Brand Name:NICEXMAS

    Made of high-quality materials and with exquisite craftsmanship, the catch insects game toy is unique and funny. Kids can use the stick to "catch" the insects on the board, which will improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skill. What's more, this toy is painted with vigrant colors which can develop children's color cognition. The creative developmental toy may distract children's attention on TV or mobile phones, giving them better childhood memory.


    - Color: As shown.
    - Material: Wood.
    - Size: 24 x 14 cm.
    - Made of premium wood material, the catch insects game toy is non-toxic, safe to use and in good quality.
    - With exquisite craftsmanship, the toy has smooth surface and edges which protect children from scratches.
    - The magnet on the stick are used to "catch" the lovely colorful insects.
    - The game can improve children's hand-eye coordination and motor skill.
    - Novel funny toy for children who are 3-14 years old.

    1 x Funny Catch Insects Game Toy Wooden Magnetic Early Developmental Educational Toys for Kids Toddlers

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