Children Gift Power-sensing Watch Remote Control Cartoon Mini Car Toy, Random Color Delivery

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  • 1. Wristband with remote control - this Mini Remote control toy car, adopts a special design, wristband, remote control design makes it - Easy to wear and wear, children will be happier to wear it and play.
    2. Gravity sensor and remote control, dual function design makes your children have more choice. the remote control switch to close in the middle, button on the left for R / C Remote control, on the right side of the remote control; Sensor mode of gravity sensor control for dynamic.
    3. High and low speed switch modes - Press the button forward and backward on the remote control clock for two seconds and the green light will be in mode, which indicates that it has been at high speed. If you need to cancel the speed mode light, simply return to the elaborate operation on.
    4. Develop balance motor skills of Kids - your wristband at a younger age, a control car plush control children will learn to develop their eye coordination and motor skills, balanced ability.
    5. Nice gift - perfect for children inquisitive and fun for age 6 + driving control. Easy to reach an on / off switch when hanging out or not playing with the car, you can press the button on the side of the remote control clock, unfold the protective cage and put the car inside the convered cage to ensure that the car is the last intervention of damages.

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