Children Touch Multi-function Hand Drum Music Early Education Intelligence Toys with Lights(Purple)

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  • 1. Learn to climb, three wheels on the base, 360-degree scroll can be placed on the ground so that the baby can sit and push and play horizontally, pushing and playing.
    2. Sitting and playing, there are drums on the drums, and a variety of early childhood content allows the baby to sit and play while playing with the carousel.
    3. Beautiful fire, follow the rhythm swing, a lot of music, accompanied by beautiful lights, the baby can dance with the rhythm of music.
    4. Multiple sensing touch keys, free to switch modes.
    5. Material composition: plastic + electronic components.
    6. Use the battery: three 7-cell batteries (purchased by yourself).
    7. Size: 10x10x11cm.

    1. When not in use for a long time, remove the battery to prevent the battery from corroding the toy.
    2. Wipe dry with a rag. The electronic components must not be immersed in water or placed in a damp place for maintenance.
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