Creative Shaped Second-order Triangular Tetrahedron Rubik Cube Children Educational Toys(White)

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  • Age Range:> 3 years old
    Type:Puzzle Cube
    1. The internal use of the spherical structure, which better increases the smoothness of the Rubik's cube.
    2. With spring screw structure, you can adjust the tightness according to your hand.
    3. The four corner blocks are large corner blocks, which are tightly stuck in the ball with small card feet, which is stable and smooth.
    4. The four central ribs also have a card foot, which is also stuck in the sphere, which better improves the fault tolerance of the Rubik's cube.
    5. Size: side length 10 cm
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    Carton Size 59cm * 66cm * 59cm / 23.23inch * 25.98inch * 23.23inch
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