DIY Plasticine Slime Magnetic Rubber Mud Stress Reducer Anti-Anxiety Bouncing Putty Magic Clay Education Toy for Kids and Adults, Small Iron Box Size: 6x2.5cm(Gold)

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  • 1. Bounces, Stretches and More! Acting as both a solid and a liquid, Magnetic Putty encourages kids to experiment and challenges their imaginations. Roll it into a ball and watch it bounce, stretch it out to its limits, snap it into pieces, or mold it into various shapes.
    2. Magnetic Attracting Putty: It is made of a special material that is actually magnetic. 3. Grab the super strong magnet that comes included in the tin and watch as the putty and magnet attract to each other.
    4. Hand Therapy putty: It is a fun and effective occupational therapy tool for finger and hand strengthening. Plus it makes a fabulous therapeutic fidget.
    5. Bouncing Putty: Two fistfuls of finger strengthening fun! Extra soft and light, this irresistibly squishy foam putty is unlike any other! Fabulous for fidgeting, you can even roll it into a ball and it bounces!
    6. Silly Putty: Knead it, stretch it, roll it into a ball and bounce it... press it on the comics and it picks up the print! Silly Putty is a wonderful sensory toy for kids who are hypersensitive to textures or tactile input, for getting rid of stress, or just for some quiet sensory fidgeting fun!
    7. This slime is a perfect magic educational toy for kids, great way to learn about magnetism and hexotropic substances.
    8. Each putty comes in an adorable iron box, Magnetic, nose, eyes.
    9. Not for children under 3 years.

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