DOBE 2 to 5 USB Hub / Extender for PS4 Gaming Console(Black)

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  • Instruction
    1. Insert PS4-HUB to the USB of PS4 host
    2. Join the power cord
    3. Gamepad can be directly charged when inserted to USB3.0 of PS4-HUB
    4. The other USB3.0 can be transformed to four USB2.0 to output

    Operation Instruction:
    1. P4-HUB is a new designed product of our company connected to the USB of P4 host, which is of easy use. When put into use, P4-HUB should be inserted to P4 host, so as P4 gamepad to P4-HUB USB3.0
    2. There is an interface mainly switching circuit inside P4-HUB, which transforms and reallocates the signal that is output by P4 host whose one USB3.0 output signal can be divided into four USB2.0 through P4-HUB without interfering the use of another USB3.0 as well as allowing USB2.0 and USB3.0 to output together

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