Dual Charging Dock With Indicator Light For PS4/SLIM/PRO Game Controller

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  • 1. DC 5V2A power supply, the input interface is a standard MICRO port, and the other is equipped with a USB to MICRO charging cable.
    2. When the input voltage is higher than 5.6V, the charging will stop automatically (overlarge protection function)
    3. Product power supply: USB 5V/2A
    4. Charging current: The maximum charging current of a single handle can reach 750mA~1000mA. When the two handles are simultaneously charged, the average handle can reach 500mA~850mA.
    5. Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours
    6. Product material: ABS
    7. Accessories: Charging Dock*1 USB Cable*1
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