JJR/C H64 Flying Spider Full Cover 3D Rolling Quiver Smart Drone Quadcopter Toy with Remote Control & LED Light, Altitude Hold, Voice Prompt, Headless Mode(Red)

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  • 1. Gravity sensor control drone with five-minute foolproof operation.
    2. Rounded shaped protective guard,collision resistance and all-dimensional protection.
    3. Gravity sensor control one hand handing, easy one hand operation.
    4. Headless mode: With attractive headless model, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problem.
    5. The high capacity battery can support a longer flying time; the modularized design of battery and camera offers more convenience and safety.
    6. One key to return - You will not have to worry about orientation and with the simple press of a button of one key return, you will never lose your Drone!
    7. Altitude hold mode: Much better drone for kids and beginners: Under altitude hold mode, You can release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovering at the current height.
    8. Functions: Up / down, left / right sideway fly, forward / backward, headless mode, 360 degree rollover, turn left / right, one key start / return, voice prompt.

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