JJR/C Q85 2.4Ghz Remote Control Battle Tank Vehicle Toy (Green)

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  • 1. 2.4G remote control, multi-person operation does not interfere with each other
    2. With forward and backward steering, the turret can rotate 270 degrees, and the sound of the simulated tank engine
    3. There is an automatic clutch on the turret, press the button for firing shells on the remote control, there is the sound of shells and the vibration of the body inertia.
    4. Press the remote control machine gun button, there is continuous machine gun sound
    5. The tank has an automatic demonstration function, press the automatic demonstration button, the tank automatically demonstrates a set of prepared demonstration actions
    6. Programming function: Press this button, the car will make a drop sound, enter the programming function, press other function buttons of the remote control , The functions will be programmed into the memory in turn, then press the programming key to automatically enter the programming function playback, then press any function key to interrupt the programming playback
    7. Remote control distance: about 30 meters
    8. Body battery: 3.7V 500 MAH lithium battery
    9. Speed: 3 km / h
    10. Remote control battery: 2 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
    11. Charging time: about 2 hours
    12. Use time: about 15 minutes
    13. The product includes: tank car * 1, remote control * 1, manual * 1, USB * 1
    14. Dimensions: 20.9x11.8x10.3cm
    15. Weight: 433g

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