Mathematical Knowledge Classification Toy Wood Box Cognitive Matching Kids Early Educational Learn Toys for Children

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    • Model Number:Math Toy
    • Age Range:> 3 years old
    • Material:Wood
    Through 80 pictures and comparative study of Chinese and English, exercise your baby's memory. On the basis of cognition, the baby can develop classification ability, Integrate what has been learned and deal with it. In the process of playing, can let the baby easy to understand classification, learn to classify.
    Baby can put pattern on the large card to the corresponding small box, improve cognitive ability, comprehensive coordination ability of the brain.
    Train observation ability and train hand eye coordination.

    Including 8pcs large rectangular cards and 80pcs square small cards
    It consists of eight parts: figures, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, vehicles, clothing and daily necessities

    Notes: Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color which is showed on the pictures. Thank you!

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