Miniature Dollhouse DIY Cabin Sweet Sunshine Angel Innovative Handmade Wooden Assembled Toys Birthday Gift Decoration

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  • Material:Wood
    Age Range:> 6 years old
    Type:DIY Doll house

    1. Realistic Room Display: Safe, Non-toxic, highest quality materials are almost similar to the real room including wood, plastic, cloth, paper.Amazing to display after completed which will get lots of great comments from your home visitors.
    2. Great Educational Toy: While playing miniature dollhouse, children can know more about some name of furniture and assemble the doll house with the help of family and the instruction. It will practice childrena??s practical ability and interactive skills. Put some mini dolls into the dollhouse, and make them experience the real life, which will make children tell about story.
    3. Need to Assemble: Everything in this kit is disassembled. You need to assemble it according to the instruction and it will need to spend 1-2 days finishing it. Prepare the Glue and batteries because they are not permitted to ship by air.
    4. Good Decoration: DIY Miniature Dollhouse is good for Home decoration. It looks great to show on your table, bookshelf or hang on the window... wherever you put, it makes your home more beautiful.
    5. Attention: Choking hazard-small parts, not for children under 3 years old to play.

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    Carton Size 44cm * 36cm * 30cm / 17.32inch * 14.17inch * 11.81inch
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