UV Discoloration Mud DIY Plasticine Slime Stress Reducer Anti-Anxiety Toy Bouncing Putty Magic Clay Education Toys for Kids and Adults, Iron Box Size: 8x2.5cm(Blue)

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  • 1. The Plasticine Slime color will be changed when under the UV light.
    2. Knead it, stretch it, roll it into a ball and make Various shapes modeling according to your liking. Putty is a wonderful sensory toy for kids who are hypersensitive to textures or tactile input, for getting rid of stress, or just for some quiet sensory fidgeting fun!
    3. You can even roll it into a ball, then as bouncing putty to play, very fun.
    4. Repeatable play.
    5. This slime is a perfect magic educational toy for kids, great way to learn about modeling and hexotropic substances.
    6. According to create a variety of shapes, can enhance the child hands-on ability, imagination, innovation, etc.
    7. Can relieve stress for adults and children.
    8. Suitable for people of all ages to play, it is helpful for developing children's intelligence, adults to relax.
    9. Not for children under 3 years.

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