UV Printing Blind Fingerprint Three-dimensional Cube Puzzle Children Educational Toys

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  • Material:PLASTIC
    Type:Puzzle Cube
    Age Range:> 6 years old
    1. Material: ABS engineering green plastic
    2. The three-dimensional relief effect is more intense, suitable for blind friends' toys, simple digital patterns are also the children's love, but also suitable for children of lower ages to recognize various patterns.
    3. Safe and environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, harmless to children.
    4. Activate your imagination and creativity to improve your memory and hand flexibility.
    5. Fine-tuning the spring design for easy adjustment to the best feel.
    6. Size: 5.6x5.6x5.6 cm
    One Package Weight 0.1kgs / 0.23lb
    Qty per Carton 288lb
    Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
    Carton Size 39cm * 39cm * 39cm / 15.35inch * 15.35inch * 15.35inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 449 cartons * 288 pcs = 129312 pcs
    40HQ: 1043 cartons * 288 pcs = 300384 pcs